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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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13 September (Part 2) - The Cabinet Member for Bins. More lies

It has often been said that Bexley Council is a council built on lies.

A low tax borough when it is only seven points off being the highest taxing borough in London, lowest car parking charges in S.E. London which was always a blatant lie, saving £1 million pounds a year by moving into the new Civic Offices when their own publicity material makes it clear that the saving was only half of that. The list goes on - and on.

However almost always the lies are political lies, lies told by Conservative Councillors on Social Media and not on official Council distributed literature. But there are exceptions. The Cabinet Member for Bins has a history of lying and his department sent me a letter this week about the brown bin charges.

It excuses the price hike by saying that even after Bexley’s price hike the “cost [of garden waste removal] remains the lowest in London”. That is a lie. My own family members are spread across five London boroughs and Bexley is the only one of them that charges for garden waste removal. There is insufficient time to check all 32 boroughs but even if I found no more Bexley would be fifth on the list.

Bexley, a borough built on lies.
Garden Waste It should not be forgotten that at the Scrutiny meeting at which the garden waste proposals were discussed it was said that separating garden waste from food would save £440,000 a year compared to the old method which is presumably how more honest boroughs manage to provide the service free.

The bin tax is in reality a massive and very successful confidence trick on the population of Bexley.


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