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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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13 September (Part 1) - Getting there! Abbey Wood’s closed bus stops reduced in number from six to five

Yarnton WayA long term Bonkers reader and occasional contributor told me that I missed a bit of Abbey Wood good news. The Yarnton Way bus stop was recommissioned in time for yesterday’s morning’s rush hour.

I looked back at my 712 photos of the work to see how long it has been shut and discovered that photo number 252 taken on 4th August 2018 was the oldest that showed the Yarnton Way bus stop and it was closed then.

It’s difficult to say what caused such a long delayed opening because the photos taken of the carriageway last June, cone positioning excepted, do not look any different to those taken today.

The stop on the other side of Yarnton Way has not yet been reopened. It’s not even there.

Some bus passengers will be happy but presumably not those on one earlier this week that got to the Harrow Manorway roundabout just before 7 p.m. Unfortunately F.M. Conway had closed the road early. Maybe it was to make up for the time they reopened it three hours late.


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