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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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28 October - Three go door knocking

I think we are going to have to organise a petition or maybe crowd fund an electronic tag to put around Teresa Pearce’s ankle to ensure she cannot stray more than a mile of Portcullis House. ‘Hard act to follow’ is one thing but fielding so much dross to replace her is just ridiculous.

Several messages say that Nadine Houghton was imposed on the local association by the Marxist anti-democrats who run UK Labour and she probably aims to organise a drivers’ strike on the day the Elizabeth Line opens. Funded by the GMB and imported from afar no one should be surprised by anything.

Another set says that Denise Scott-McDonald is hopeless, knows nothing about the detail of her Transport brief in Greenwich and shouldn’t be allowed within a million miles of Parliament.

Just what was the Labour party locally thinking when they rejected Councillors Ogundyo and Hinkley? You can well understand why Councillor Danny Hackett got out when he did. Sally Hinkley knows exactly what is required of a good constituency MP, she has worked for Teresa Pearce for several years past.

Was she not up to date with her Momentum dues or something?

A third short listed potential candidate put her video out for scrutiny yesterday; why were all the Labour wannabees female? Don’t you just hate the implied insult that all women require extra help to get anywhere? Maybe it explains why Labour’s Parliamentary talent pool is so poor. Abbott, Thornberry, Long-Bailey, Osamor, Phillips. All accident prone embarrassments.

Which brings me to the third short listed candidate’s video. I don’t want to fall out with everyone planning to wear a red rosette so all I will say about this one is that it didn’t grab me and the slow motion effect is over done. Reminds me too much of Corbyn’s rush to fulfill his manifesto promise to get Brexit done.

At least Abena won’t get lost in the backwoods of Belvedere but all the Conservatives need to do now is find themselves a decent candidate; and therein lies the problem. Philip Read anyone?

Abena Oppong-Asare, short listed by Labour for the MP vacancy in Erith & Thamesmead constituency.


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