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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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23 October (Part 1) - Road planning Bexley style

Four years ago Bexley Council began construction of a new roundabout in Harrow Manorway Abbey Wood at its junction with Lensbury Way. This being Bexley it was impossible to drive around it and keep in lane. There is no excuse for it, software that designs sensible roundabouts has been available for donkeys’ years.

Photo 1 below was taken in June 2015 when the new roundabout was almost complete.

Photo 2 was taken yesterday showing that the almost new roundabout is currently being deconstructed, the edges of it having been destroyed by heavy vehicles as anyone with more than half a brain forecast.

Road planning idiocy is not solely the preserve of Bexley’s Head of Highways in his ivory tower, it exists at the coal face too. Photo 4 shows the pedestrian crossing outside Sainsbury’s on Harrow Manorway with its notice that it is not in use because a large hole has been dug in the recently resurfaced flyover. Clearly someone forgot to install the granite blocks which have become mandatory in Bexley.

A further sign directs pedestrians to an alternative crossing place 100 yards to the north.

Photo 4 show that that is closed too. Photos 3 and 4 were taken only a few seconds apart. Bexley truly is Bonkers at times. The whole regeneration job was supposed to have been finished in June last year.
Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway


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