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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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21 October (Part 1) - Ladies and Gentlemen of Erith & Thamesmead; your next MP

Falling back on a perhaps overused expression, Teresa Pearce the excellent constituency MP for Erith & Thamesmead who is standing down at what must surely be the imminent General Election, will be a very hard act to follow. As I understand it a number of people have put their names forward for the selection process including Momentum backed Commies - well at least that is what I was told. We really don’t want that sort of nonsense around here.

I only recognise two of the long listed names both of whom have Councillor experience in Bexley. One is Mabel Ogundayo currently representing Thamesmead East.

Mabel came to my notice very early on in her Councillor career when she was singled out by a number of Conservative Councillors and criticised for her youth, her alleged lack of education and her alleged failure to recognise that the Children’s Care Services in Bexley were no longer as abysmal as they used to be.

Whilst the more reasonable Tories soon gave up on attacking youthfulness the frequently obnoxious Philip Read (West Heath) continued with his attempts to humiliate; he never really gave up on his mission to insult Mabel Ogundayo. Mabel has risen above his misogyny.

In one respect at least Councillor Ogundayo is following in Teresa Pearce’s footsteps who also began her political career in Bexley’s Council Chamber but given the pressure and stress that MPs suffer these days I have some misgivings about encouraging such a path. On the other hand history suggests I need the support of a good MP to keep me out of jail; Teresa is still battling injustices on my behalf, so I must wish Mabel all the best with her ambitions.

She has made a very nice little promotional video. For ten years post-retirement I became involved in video production and I can tell you that this one is head and shoulders above the crap (sorry) we usually see from politicians.

Mabel Ogundayo, long listed by Labour for the MP vacancy in Erith & Thamesmead constituency.


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