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News and Comment October 2019

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20 October (Part 1) - Crooked top cops. The dregs

I have said here before that I believe the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to be a thoroughly dishonest woman. Corrupt is not too strong a word; but that is just my opinion. A more reliable one might be that of the brother of Daniel Morgan who was murdered by police and/or their hired hands in 1987. Alastair Morgan, my daughter’s partner for nearly 30 years, has been studying police corruption for more than 30 years and has written books and made broadcasts on the subject.

I have heard him say that Cressida Dick and every Met. Commissioner bar one since 1987 has been attempting to cover up their force’s crime and is now trying to subvert the Home Office investigation. A Chief Constable of Hampshire should be included in that list too.

Yesterday he put the following statement into the public domain.

Cressida Dick is a person of interest to me, to use police-speak. She and I have what I would describe as an unfortunate relationship. I won’t bore anyone with a detailed history but my conclusions are:

1) That she has shown sub-zero willingness to cooperate with the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel.
2) She is not a progressive Commissioner of Police in my experience. All of her actions say that she is doing her utmost to prevent and/or delay public insight into what I would describe as some very, very perverted and disturbing policing and its multiple nasty spin-offs.
3) In other words, she is acting like ‘a copper’s copper’ as Lord ‘Swifty’ Stevens (a deeply unpleasant chap, in my view) liked to style himself. When it comes to the public looking into some of the Yard’s more nasty, dirty closets where their ‘relationship’ with some of the dirtiest elements of organised crime and the Murdoch press are involved, and how its leadership has lied to or knowingly misled my family, MPs, ministers, the public and even parliament I also strongly suspect high-level perjury at the Leveson Inquiry.

In other words, a highly regrettable state of affairs. I can sympathise with Ms. Dick insofar as why would any Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis relish being shown (some of) the absolute dirtiest dregs of the policing on her watch. It’s just that personal interests and preferences and politicised policing don’t really cut the mustard for me in these circumstances. So, so far so bad in my opinion.

She won’t succeed, I hasten to add. I’ve become almost totally inured to dealing with crap from the British police. It’s become ‘normalised’ like so much other discreditable, nasty stuff in our public life. I now regard this as ‘normal’ police behaviour, sadly.

Alastair Morgan


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