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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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19 October - An apology

The plans for today included writing the report on the most recent of Bexley’s Scrutiny meetings but doing so involves listening to it all over again and therein lies the snag. I am half ashamed to admit that I am glued to the live broadcasts from Westminster just as in 1982 when the Falkland Islands and I had a close relationship. (†)

I cannot listen to both at the same time added to which the Democracy section of Bexley Council’s website is dead today so I cannot even get a copy of the Agenda which I failed to keep last Wednesday.

It’s the best excuse for laziness that I can muster and the DLR is not running from Woolwich Arsenal all weekend so East Ham is being given a miss.

Incidentally, how are treacherous bastards like Oliver Letwin able to live with themselves? I cannot even begin to get my mind around how such an individual can bear to show himself in public.

† I was in charge of all telecoms to the Falklands and had observed the Argentinian invasion closely, monitoring their phone calls to Buenos Aires and talking to Cable & Wireless phone operators in Stanley working with machine guns held against their backs.


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