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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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16 October - Bexley road works. Late again and damaging business

Six trips to East Ham in four days. I think that is a record. The DLR (West Ham to Woolwich Arsenal) is constantly standing room only but normally I can stand for the 16 minute journey easily enough after being barged away from the only remaining seat by a child or a woman and it is not a huge problem. However after being on the nightshift an old man could sometimes do with a seat. After years of travelling to East Ham via the DLR I can tell you there is only one way you will get one. You need to be spotted by an Indian gentleman or a white man wearing a suit and aged about 40. All other varieties of human will ignore you.

If that is racist then tough, it is a fact.

So what’s been going on in Bexley? Probably lots but the only thing I have noticed is the continued road chaos in Abbey Wood.

Road closed Shops only New road dug upFelixstowe Road remains closed a week after it was supposed to reopen and this week footpath diversions have caused the shops to lose their passing trade. There is currently no provision for deliveries and I saw a truck driver struggling with his load from a lorry out of sight and around the bend on the far side of the flyover.

Please don’t run away with the idea that that is a temporary inconvenience, the clowns in charge of Bexley’s Highways Department have banned parking (Taxis and Disabled only) on any part of the road currently closed.

In another piece of apparent idiocy the newly resurfaced Harrow Manorway flyover has been dug up and two way traffic lights are in use accompanied by the inevitable long traffic queues. Bexley Council’s sole ambition would appear to be wrecking the local economy.

As usual no provision whatever has been made for pedestrians who might wish to cross the road.

More photos of the work on Harrow Manorway and Felixstowe Road may be seen here.


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