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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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29 November (Part 4) - Facebook

The very observant may have noticed that the Facebook icon disappeared from the Bonkers’ banner today. This has nothing to do with Mark Zuckerberg being a thoroughly unpleasant individual or that his creation attracts the attention of far too many careless cat owners whose pets have gone to find a better home; no it is because Zuckerberg’s system has too many technical flaws and is a nightmare to navigate.

On both my laptop and desktop computers I have been able to log in using Internet Explorer but Facebook stopped supporting IE best part of a year ago and it no longer works reliably on that old browser.

On the laptop I can log in to Facebook on Chrome but not using Edge and on the desktop machine it is the other way around. My phone used to be able to log in using Chrome but that stopped working after a History clear out and there has been no access since.

The error message is always the same whatever the device; I have been logging in too many times and a temporary block has been placed on my account, please try later: which doesn’t really explain why I can log in using another device or another browser. “Temporary block” is a bit of a joke as it has been saying that for more than a year.

I am not alone with the problem and a number of possible solutions have been posted on line. None work.

There comes a time when one gives up and joins the throngs who have deserted Facebook this year. It was just too much bother to post new stuff on the Bonkers FB page and now there will be no more. I don’t think I am going to miss it all that much.


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