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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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26 November (Part 1) - Joe Robertson. Nasty piece of work

I gradually came to a decision about who I should vote for on 12th December. A couple of days ago and through gritted teeth I decided it must be for the Conservatives. I think Boris Johnson is almost certainly a lying toerag but I clung to the hope that he might be just what the country needs after ten years of lily livered pretend-Tories in the same way that Mrs. Thatcher was needed after James Callaghan tried to wreck the life of my younger self in the 1970s. And Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the country would be devastating for prosperity. Nicking your house, attacking your pension fund, controlling your internet. A ditherer constantly holding referendums on this and that; even according to recent reports on if we should strike back should there be a nuclear attack.

The whole lot of them are liars and lunatics, but what of the Conservative candidate in Erith & Thamesmead, Joe Robertson? I knew nothing off him. But I do now.

He is a deeply unpleasant individual whose primary instinct is to attempt to embarrass the opposition on a personal basis. He has published an open letter to Abena Oppong-Asare which serves no purpose other than to humiliate her if he can. What a dirty rotten scoundrel.

Click the image to see the whole product of Robertson’s poisoned pen.

We all know the Labour position on Brexit, it is totally unacceptable and they deserve the electoral bloody nose that they will hopefully get in just over two weeks time. As a new and hopeful candidate Ms. Oppong-Asare cannot reasonably do anything to oppose it during her first campaign and in any case we know what her answer would be. More obfuscation.

The place for such questions is at the hustings and on doorsteps from those of us interested in the answer. It is not for disagreeable non-entities from outside the borough waving blue rosettes to attack candidates personally. (That’s the media’s job.)

Back to the drawing board. Who can I vote for now?


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