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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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22 November (Part 1) - All mates together

It’s amazing what sort of people are deemed good enough to be Conservative Councillors in Bexley, Cabinet Members even.

Craske's blogReaders who have been around a long time will remember the infamous ‘Obscene blog’. An example of it is shown here but there was lots more in similar vein.

The police eventually traced the source to Councillor Peter Craske’s phone and found even more unpublished work on it. In retrospect it had to be Craske’s work, he was the only person who knew all the facts in his various blogs. Elwyn Bryant and I had indeed gone to the Civic Offices on Friday 10th May 2011. Elwyn suspected Craske from Day 1 but it seemed too far fetched to be true.

My MP Teresa Pearce contacted me about the obscenities immediately, Elwyn’s did not. He had to book an appointment to see James Brokenshire.

James Brokenshire said he was “appalled” by what he was shown and probably he was. Everyone who sees Councillor Craske’s handiwork is.

Now we wonder whether Elwyn’s MP was genuine in his immediate response or is he just plain forgetful. Maybe it’s neither and obscenities are a normal part of Conservative Association life.

Who did James Brokenshire choose to sign his nomination papers for the forthcoming election? One Peter Harold Craske. Maybe there is a clue there on why James Brokenshire told Elwyn Bryant that it would be “inappropriate” to back his pursuit of the filthy minded blogger.
Nomination papers
The police dragged their feet and lied when it came to investigating the source of the blog. They told me that the trail had gone too cold after they had in fact traced the source IP address. A new Borough Commander, possibly unaware of the cosy relationship between the police and Bexley Council, arrested Councillor Craske very nearly 14 months after the crime was committed. Four months later he was mysteriously let off the hook contrary to advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.

Elwyn Bryant has a theory about that too. He thinks that the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, gave instructions to drop the case. To be honest, no other theory neatly fits the facts. He was right about the likely source in May 2011, maybe he is right again.

There was of course a complaint about Bexley police which went on and on until as recently as 2018. The report spent 20 odd pages listing all the funny business that Bexley Police got up to and then suddenly, on the last page, changed tack and said no one did anything wrong.

It was almost as though the main investigator found the truth but when his bosses came to sign off the report they decided that it might be political dynamite.

James Brokenshire however must think Peter Craske is an OK sort of bloke to have him sign his nomination papers. It’s not quite in the Epstein Prince Andrew league but are all Conservatives so unconcerned about the sort of people they hob-nob with?


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