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9 November (Part 3) - The Withdrawal Agreement and Lie of the Day : 4

Oh dear, I have progressed through the Withdrawal Agreement to where it deals with Euratom and I gained top marks in A Level Physics in the very last year that it did not include Nuclear Physics. Maybe this report should be read with even more care than the earlier ones.

The first thing to strike me is that we will be allowed to keep all fissile materials stored here. Well thanks for that! We are also required to observe all EU and international safety regulations. What do these Eurocrats take us for? Oh, yes, fools isn’t it?

Euratom equipment in the UK at the end of the transition period will have to be paid for. Why? Haven’t we made a full contribution already?

The Agreement then moves back to Courts. The European Court of Justice will continue to dictate to UK Courts until the end of the transition period, Ok we have been stuck with it for many years, we will have to put up with it for a few more. However it can still have a go at us for four years after the transition period if it considers we misbehaved before it. Such decisions have “binding force” although we will be able to contest decisions in the same way as a Member State.

This Withdrawal Agreement shows every sign of going downhill. It’s hard to find anything unequivocally favourable to the UK.

On State Aid the EU again reserves the right to poke its nose into UK business for four years after the end of the transition period if it believes we broke their rules before the transition period ended.

The UK will also be stuck with all the rules and regulations relating to greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions which is probably no bad thing but we don’t need unelected dictators to tell us so.

CorbynJust over 25% of the way through the Withdrawal Agreement now.

It’s not yet mid-day so it is a bit early for Lie of the Day so here is one from yesterday evening. Jeremy Corbyn denying he ever met IRA leaders. Haven’t we seen dozens of photos that prove him a liar?

As an alternative here’s a little video that someone made which suggests that everybody’s favourite terrorist sympathiser has a very selective memory.

“I never met the IRA. I never met the IRA.”

Come on Boris, you can do it too!


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