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News and Comment November 2019

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9 November (Part 1) - More misinformation? It’s more than likely

The repercussions from Bexley Council’s SEN Transport humiliation at the hands of the LGO and persistent parents rumble on.

From inside the Council comes an excuse for Mr. Simon James who sat alongside the Cabinet Member for Education John Fuller after keeping him in the dark about the fast developing disaster and never breathed a word about it to save his embarrassment. Could he have been under instructions from his boss Jacky Tiotto who conveniently left for pastures new just a few days later? Hmmm, I’d forgotten that.

But was John Fuller misled on another matter too? He said, with possibly too much relish, that the parent who rebelled through the Courts against the Council’s decision “had to pay costs and everything”.

They lost and had to pay costs and everything.

Someone who suggests he was close to the centre of things has said that that simply wasn’t true, not a penny in costs was awarded, but the Council ran up a big legal bill by instructing counsel.

I’ve not found any reference to this gigantic Council cock-up in the local press which only covers the Council Press Releases like the new bins arriving next week only four months late. Where’s Tom Bull when you need him? Maybe some inquisitive Councillor should follow this one up.


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