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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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7 November (Part 5) - The Withdrawal Agreement and Lie of the Day

I am now getting on for 20% through the Withdrawal Agreement. There is a whole load of stuff about protecting EU residents and their dependants, their health needs and the movement of goods.

So long as we can kick out the criminals it all seems fine to me.

It looks like we are stuck with the VAT system for five years beyond the end of the transition period which could be a very long time. On the other hand we are not likely to want to go back to the pre-1973 Purchase Tax system so does it really matter?

It probably doesn’t move the score to Nigel 1 : Boris 1 but it is one thing less to worry about.

SoubryFor lie of the day I offer the unscrupulous Anna Soubry, EU Remainer extraordinaire allegedly representing the Leave people of Broxstowe.

Desperately looking for support she found a voter who was prepared to say on camera that he had voted Leave but was a Soubry convert. Pull the other one!

He was soon exposed as a Lib Dem activist and former Council candidate prepared to sell his soul, as of course unprincipled Lib Dems so often are.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘Spanners Anna’ featured here again before December 12th.

Urban Dictionary. Box of Spanners. “A product, device or service that appears to work, but when you look deeper turns out to be a collection of badly thought out and badly implemented ideas that is going to cause you no end of grief.”


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