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News and Comment November 2019

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4 November (Part 1) - Match abandoned

For someone who has never seen the attraction of kicking round balls I have spent an awful lot of time corresponding with football supporters over the past two months. They have been supplied with documents most of which have never been published on Bonkers about the son of former Bexley Council Deputy Leader Colin Campbell - he who blatantly lied about me on BBC TV.

Those papers contain reports of the business malpractices, a Court case and bankruptcy of his son. My interest was aroused because he was claiming to be an American millionaire and wanted to buy Falkirk Football Club. Much the same sort of activity we have seen before.

Some of the supporters smelled a rat. I and some of the bidder’s Bexley business associates were happy to supply them with unsavoury evidence - to good effect it would appear. Falkirk FC has declined the recent offer to buy the club.
Mark Cambell

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