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News and Comment November 2019

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3 November (Part 1) - Bexley Council. Taxing Charities?

Welling Round Table put on their annual firework show last night, a good job the weather settled down a bit, I bet it was muddy. It is the ultimate example of #doitforbexley. Costs a fortune to put on, involves scores of volunteers, puts a smile on thousands of faces and raises huge sums for charity.

As you can see (image below), it is supported by the Mayor of Bexley which may give the impression that it is supported by Bexley Council, maybe not 100% support as in Newham but at least bucket loads of assistance.

I wish!

Hard evidence is next to impossible to uncover but I am as sure as I can be without seeing the bills that Bexley Council ‘taxes’ the Round Table for every little thing it needs to do to run a successful display. In other words taxing charitable causes.

Which Councillor is going to tell me that I’m wrong?

And then the Council makes a fat profit out of ignoramuses who still don’t know it is illegal to park on the pavement anywhere in London.
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