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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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2 November (Part 2) - It’s only Scabby Wood

Felixstowe Road Harrow ManorwayIt is 89 days since Bexley Council said that Felixstowe Road would be closed for nine weeks. The road was in fact finished a couple of days ago, the work has moved on to footpaths and flower beds or whatever the earth filled area is for.

Why isn’t the road open? It would take very little effort. Could it be that there is no one in Andrew Bashford’s department with the brain power to come to some sort of compromise? Abbey Wood has been crippled by traffic problems for nearly three years.

It is the same on Harrow Manorway. Having forgotten to put in some unnecessary granite blocks, three weeks ago some not very temporary traffic lights were installed while the road was dug up and more blocks installed. By last Thursday the job had reached the half way stage, presumably work will commence on the eastern carriageway next week.

If Andrew Bashford and Co. had one iota of commonsense Abbey Wood could have had some relief from the perpetual chaos for three days. But no one cares, it’s only Scabby Wood. It doesn’t matter.


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