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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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14 May - Newham University Hospital. The Omnibus Edition

It’s a long time since Bonkers has required me to write anything like new php code - I am no good at it - but this morning I cobbled together a few lines which grabs all the Newham Hospital related blogs and dumps them into one long web page.

Easier to read but maybe more importantly it can be tailored to attract Google searches for the hospital rather than being linked to Bexley Council, not that Google takes much notice of such things any more.

It is here and on the Miscellany Menu too.

I am wondering whether it is hypocritical to retain the tag line of ‘Vindictive’ on Bexley Council pages after setting up the new one devoted to the calamity caused by Discharge Consultant Doctor Charlotte Pratt, GMC Number 3083318. But she deserves it.

My aunt is desperately unhappy in the respite home where despite having a ten minute memory span is the intelligent one there.

“I am so glad you found me. I thought I was lost. It’s a miracle you are here. Are we going home now?” A home incidentally that she didn’t recognise last week.

Now the hunt for something better. It will be relatively inexpensive to turn a downstairs room into a bedroom and further increase the number of care visits. Why didn’t I think of that before? I will give that a go.

Looks like the rest of this week is spoken for!


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