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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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10 May - It’s still no go in Newham

Ten health related visitors knocked on the door yesterday. Yes ten; but not the one I was waiting for. Someone to take the old lady to the respite centre.

A very small amount of hope had been held out that it would happen last Tuesday but it didn't happen on Wednesday or Thursday either. Various phone calls and visitors have convinced me that Newham’s systems are split into so many small sections that communication between them is limited and time consuming.

A further assessment for the already approved respite care is due later this morning.

That visit is one reason why I decided not to walk out on the situation last night even though the GP said I would be entirely justified in calling an ambulance and disappearing. That is in practice quite a difficult step to take even though the cretinous Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318) said my aunt is entirely fit to be left alone. (I checked the papers again yesterday to make sure I was not libelling the fool.)

However another reason for not leaving yesterday evening is that Dr. Pratt and her ilk work eight hour shifts and then take two off. By not making any prior arrangements for discharge - not so much as a packet of pills - they condemn people like me to three eight hour shifts a day for days on end.

I judged I was too sleepy to make the train journey home and safely drive back with more supplies and maybe cleaner. Right now I stink of Dettol and possibly worse.

I have asked most of the visiting health professionals whether my aunt’s case is a one off serious mistake or if Newham Hospital does it to everyone. Some replies were more guarded than others but it would appear to be fairly common. One of them told me that medics locally have a very rude word for Newham University Hospital but wouldn’t tell me what it is. A second visitor confirmed it.

InvitationI have been invited to a meeting at Newham Hospital. They made it publicly on Twitter. What sort of idiot does that? Did they think that they would counter the bad publicity by demonstrating how approachable they are?

How do they think someone on 24/7 nursing duties can drop everything and go to meet them?

And they have overlooked one thing. When I do eventually meet them I want to have a medical negligence solicitor by my side.

If by chance you see me passing through Abbey Wood station later today, steer clear. Dettol and cr*p is not a nice combination and some has splashed on to my last remaining clothes.


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