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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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9 May - Promises promises. Broken promises

It looks like there will be a gaping hole in my photographic record of the regeneration of Gayton and Wilton Roads. One should already have been resurfaced and the other is scheduled to be done tonight. Wilton Road closes from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. tonight if I remember correctly. I may still be stuck in East Ham living off the remants of gluten free fruit loaf and eggs.

The Newham Social Services promises made on Tuesday came to nothing. I was left a number to call to make enquiries but it was busy all day long. Going back to my BT days, it was an equipment busy tone not the familar number engaged signal. Somone had left the office and turned all the telecoms equipment off.

I called the main Adults’ Services number and asked them to pass a message to the Social Worker and that department was so incompetent that they arranged an urgent District Nurse visit instead. Useless wasters.

The only bright spot is that a Doctor I had not heard of before phoned to tell me she had received a letter to say my aunt was approved for respite care and afterwards her regular GP who has not seen her for several months past called to say he would visit this morning.

And Teresa Pearce MP called me with advice. Good old Teresa, always there to help.

If it had not been for the doctor’s intended visit I would probably have carried out my plan to call an ambulance during the night.

There has been a mental deterioration and there can be no question of living alone again but the Catch 22 of not being able to sort out a care home while on 24/7 caring duties in East Ham remains.

From mid afternoon yesterday until 04:30 this morning there was frequent shouting out and no sensible conversation. Aunt just called for her Mum (deceased 1976) and when I was comforting her, “please don’t leave me Daddy”. (Deceased 1933.)

At 04:30 it all went quiet and I thought she had gone but it started all over again 20 minutes later. Right now I am just ignoring it, my presence makes no difference.

The utter prat known as Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318) signed her fit enough to live alone. Why are such people kept in employment? - at four different hospitals apparently!

Both Newham Hospital and the local Clinical Commissioning Group have separately invited me to meet them and tell them of my concerns. I don't think there is anything to say that they cannot read here. I am quite pleased that if you Google Dr. Charlotte Pratt, Bonkers is now on the first page. I hope it blights her career for ever.

I am now an enthusiast for privatising the NHS, I don't think they are short of money, management positions and not a few others are filled with incompetents from top to bottom. That is the real problem.

After the doctor visits this morning I will activate my ambulance plan.


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