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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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8 May - It’s Desperation Day plus one in Newham

So here I am in East Ham trying to write a blog using Notepad while on 24/7 care duties with little by way of food and being coeliac can't easily order it in. Do I really want fifty quid’s worth of gluten free bread from Tescos?

A senior medic who may share my opinion of Newham General Hospital managed to get one ball rolling yesterday morning and the first Social Worker to be seen since this episode began a month ago showed up at my aunt's house. I arrived there just in time.

My opinion of Social Workers has not always been high but this chap, Jude, was good. Maybe it’s because he agreed absolutely with my criticisms of Newham Hospital and he lives in Abbey Wood.

He could barely believe what he was reading in the hospital notes; as far as I could tell their complete failure to follow through their own promises is on the record and a damning indictment of the competence of Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318) et al.

But apparently Social Services and the NHS don’t speak to each other in Newham and whilst my aunt should have been sent for re-enablement (NHS I believe) the NHS is unembarrassed by their failure to make any preparations for discharge. Not just the obvious like no physiotherapists but they even forgot the medication pack. Nevertheless they remain intransigent and refuse any retrospective action. The best the man from Abbey Wood could offer was a respite home which could be anywhere but he recognised that speed was of the essence. Later today maybe.

With my sister now at home she can get on with arranging a longer term care home.

As ill luck would have it my aunt still has the constipation she had when discharged - one more reason she was not fit to be sent out - and there are signs that a powerful laxative (Laxido) which was in the hospital medical pack when it eventually arrived is beginning to have some effect. Up and down to the loo all night. I have not had to clean that sort of mess since my son was in nappies 47 years ago.

If the Social Worker does not get my aunt a place somewhere today it is definitely a taxi to A&E.

Me a dumper of old ladies? But what else is left to do? The Social Worker said that all the things my sister and I have done and have still to do should have been done for us or helped with before discharge. The NHS is simply not fit for purpose.


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