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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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7 May - It’s the day of reckoning

I am going to East Ham and I may be away for some time. It’s a good job all is quiet on the Bexley front.

This morning my sister rang Newham Social Services to plead for help so that she could get home to Hampshire to arrange a care home there for my frail and demented aunt and to seek attention for her own medical problem.

Newham Social Services told her that they will not provide any help because on previous occasions the family has funded private care. That was because Newham’s services proved to be totally inadequate and uncaring. That pot of money is near exhausted.

When my sister asked to be put through to someone more senior, Newham Social Services put the phone down on her.

My sister is now going home necessitating my trip to Newham.

I am not sure whether to call an ambulance, the old lady is feeling dizzy and still constipated just as she was when kicked out of hospital, and simply walk away from the situation or somehow deliver her to A&E and do the same thing.

This is a total failure of Barts Health NHS Trust and Newham Council.

If anyone can think of any better ideas I would be pleased to hear them.

Ward SisterP.S. Occupational Health has phoned to say they will do a house assessment next Thursday, twelve days after discharge and two weeks after the intended discharge date. The assessment should have been done before hospital discharge to ensure it was safe. By Thursday it will be too late, no one will be at home to arrange admission.

Who was it who assured me that all the professionals had passed everything as OK? Who signed the discharge papers? Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318).

P.S. Again. Just been told my aunt has not got dementia. Yesterday she was asking for her mother and when I walked in she was so glad to see her father. He died in 1933. Just call me Alfred!


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