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6 May (Part 2) - The grinning incompetents from Newham Hospital

Things are coming to a head. My sister is in her seventies and like most septuagenarians is not totally free of medical ailments. She has just realised that she will run out of vital medication tomorrow and must therefore return to Hampshire.

I had suggested she did so by Sunday but she felt she ought to wait until the holiday is over; now it is crunch time.

It is what you get when the top priority for a team of uncaring medical incompetents is to shunt vulnerable old people out of hospital before they are fit and then compounding their misjudgment by not bothering to ensure a care package of some sort is in place.
Gill Parry Blessy Binue
Gill ParryMeanwhile these self satisfied individuals are engaged in a frenzy of back slapping to convince themselves they are doing a good job. I am pretty sure the lady on the left below is the one who gave me two working hours to put extra care in place but didn’t think that medication might be required or the District Nurse and various therapists should be informed.

I suspect I am wrong to assume that this is a one off mistake because if it was they might be trying to make amends for their error. Instead they swan off on holiday with both telephone (*) and email in-boxes conveniently full.

One must assume that the zero care dished out to my aunt is the norm to which they aspire.

Alice Louis Julie Clare Carter Jones Nick Holding

* My sister tried to call Newham Social Services (not the NHS) on Friday afternoon but an announcement said their mail box was full.


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