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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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3 May (Part 3) - Round in circles in Newham

Another day of little progress in Newham.

I was asked to make a formal complaint which could only repeat what has been written here. I have been told that it will be sent to the Complaints Service. I was naively hoping for some urgent action.

A physiotherapist said that only a GP could make a referral to the rehabilitation ward, the doctor appears not to agree.

A later phone call said that the rehab. ward sister didn't want my aunt in her ward anyway, said Social Services should be looking after her.

A call to Social Services said they were not offering any help because my aunt pays for her own care - but only four visits a day which is already costing more than her total income after Council Tax and heating costs.

Her savings would be all gone in a fortnight if there was a requirement to pay for 24/7 care but Social Services said they were not prepared to help and gave an NHS number to ring.

No help available there either and there was a circular reference back to the first number at Social Services.

It’s the Bank Holiday weekend so it is unlikely that there will be any urgent action. I’ve been trying to persuade my sister that she cannot spend the rest of her life as an unpaid carer but she is reluctant to do anything dramatic as I would.

If the NHS is unwilling to provide the rehabilitation promised less than three weeks ago the only solution will be a care home where she can sit all day largely uncared for. We have seen that coming for a long time but it cannot be arranged in a weekend when precipitated by a broken leg. There is no cash to pay for it

Maybe it will all be academic anyway. My aunt who used to be a perpetual grazer on cake and sweets and her favourite marmalade sandwiches is eating very little, getting weaker by the day and says she wants to die.


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