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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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3 May (Part 2) - Lesnes Abbey Good Coffee to close

Lesnes coffeeThere has been a considerable brouhaha in Abbey Wood and several news sites about Bexley Council’s decision to call time on the popular Lesnes Abbey coffee shop and refreshment kiosk. Rumour has it that Bexley Council had realised that it was running at a profit and thought they might take it for themselves.

Money grabbing is what Councils do of course but a Conservative one ’nationalising’ local businesses seemed to be a little far fetched.

But one can never be sure; I don’t remember the details but they had a hand in a similar facility that used to operate from the riverside gardens in Crayford and they spoke as if they had designs on the Belvedere Splashpark cafe too.

They have form in Lesnes Abbey park too. The Yoga club left the Visitor Centre for reasons that never became clear to me. (Click for subsequent explanation). They don’t like riding stables either however popular they might be.

Not unnaturally people assume the worst of Bexley Council and their reputation is well deserved, but are they on firmer ground this time around?

They claim that the coffee shop owner has not followed every last detail of her contract. Nobody but the owner knows if that is true.

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