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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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3 May (Part 1) - The state of the NHS in Newham

There are several minor Bexley items that should be reported but battling with Newham’s Health services is taking up most of my time.

It would appear that the only way of attracting anyone’s attention is via these blogs and Twitter, the health authorities read them but as far as I can see do nothing.

Yesterday was not a good day. The District Nurse, it’s been a different one each day, said she could not apply dressings because she didn’t have any and if we wanted the bed blisters to be attended to we must buy the dressings ourselves.

The physiotherapist had recommended an urgent referral to the rehab unit - Fothergill ward would you believe - so we chased him up by phone. Someone said it was on the notes that my aunt should be taken to the gym!

The night was disturbed by my aunt moaning in pain and if I had been there instead of my sister I would have called an ambulance.

A more insistent phone call to the physio’s office this morning persuaded him to call back. He said only the GP can make a referral to Fothergill ward. The GP has been supportive from the outset and that is not what he has been saying.

By Sunday my sister will have given nine days of 24/7 care and, like me, is no spring chicken, she cannot do it any more. She will have to go home on Sunday.

When I take over full time I shall hire a taxi and drop my aunt into A&E. “All the professionals say she is fit to go home [with carers dropping in daily]”. And that was more than a week ago. What sort of professionals are they? And what was  Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318) thinking of when she signed the discharge papers with no support services whatsoever set up in advance?

Earlier today a message from someone claiming to be a contractor to the NHS said that the NHS is awash with cash but it is too partial to massive bribes, e.g. a £40,000 scanner that comes with free holidays is chosen over another at half the price. It would not surprise me one bit if it is true.


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