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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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15 March (Part 1) - How does she do it?

After eight years of tackling the police incompetence and corruption which has been sparked by authoring this blog I think it may be coming an end, there is only one complaint left in the pipeline.

I can’t claim that when looking back on earlier ones I see any admission of the more serious Police malpractice but I have twice along the way obtained apologies from them on realtively minor issues.

More interesting is that three cases have resulted in off the record admissions of police wrong doing from Sergeants and Inspectors followed up by an official whitewash job.

There can be no doubt (because the evidence exists in writing) that in the past Bexley Council has exerted unlawful pressure on Bexley Police in order to secure exoneration of their own criminal behaviour.

All the effort has perhaps produced only thing; confirmation that no one should ever trust a policeman.

TweetCorrespondence from the Independent Office for Police Conduct has been clear; if I believe Kent Police has been guilty of misconduct I must make an allegation to the Crime Commissioner.

There is a long history of Kent Police ignoring allegations of crime from several sources made against former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill. There is also a long history of Kent Police immediately arresting those at which Ms. Fothergill points her finger. No evidence produces no charges of course, but how does she do it?

Her attempt to get me banged up also went nowhere but Kent Police absolutely refuses to accept I was the victim of ill intent. The statement made against me was untrue in almost every respect.

I am firmly of the opinion that Kent Police are up to no good, hence another letter. The complete correspondence file is hidden away on this website for those who know where to look.

In a few months time we can no doubt look forward to an implausible explanation of how I was charged with harassment and eventually awarded costs against the Police but somehow it was nothing to do with me.


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