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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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12 March - Hypocrisy among politicians is not really news

ShamrockIt’s one of those days when real Bexley news is in short supply. There have been three anonymous contributions. One is about out of control and sometimes corrupt police although that is now such an everyday occurrence that maybe it is not news any more. I think most of you will have seen the YouTube footage anyway so just this time I will give it a miss. (Keeping a copy so that it embeds properly within Bonkers uses oodles of web space.)

Another will be used when it can be linked in with something else coming along and the third has a Brexit connection.

A large number of Conservative Councillors in Bexley have come out strongly in favour of leaving the European Union as indeed the local population at large did. Our government Minister MP has been left dangling on the wrong side of the fence and is suitably discomfitted.

I have just heard on Radio 4 News (I got so sick of James O’Brien on LBC I turned him off today) that the Irish Embassy is overwhelmed by applications for Irish passports. At least two to my knowledge come from Bexley Councillors.

One is self-confessed the other is tittle-tattle from someone who claims a close family connection. He says it is total hypocrisy to go so publicly on the record in favour of Brexit (this one went well beyond Bexley’s boundaries with his message) but be rushing off to the Irish Embassy at the same time. It’s comforting to know that mine is not the only family to have developed a bit of a rift over Brexit.

I’m not too bothered myself, it is not illegal and hypocrisy from politicians is like police corruption - not big news.

In any case the anonymous contributor may be telling Porkies intent on stirring family trouble.

Oh, I almost forgot. Bexley Council is consulting on housing allocations. There is a Press Release and a survey. A quick look suggests income level restrictions are on the cards.


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