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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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5 March - Hunger, Idiocy, Contradiction, Corruption and Incompetence

The following should have appeared here yesterday but to paraphrase Harold ‘You’ve Never Had It So Good’ MacMillan, events got in the way, but here we go…

Bexley Foodbank
Fortunately I am never likely to be a Foodbank user and I don’t know much about them except that a neighbour helps out in one. I gave him a hundred quid once to get some essentials in but there my involvement ends.

I didn’t realise until recently that Danny Hackett, is a Moderator on a Bexleyheath Facebook Group. That’s another thing that I don’t know much about, Facebook. I find it difficult to navigate and it often attracts the sort of people I’d rather avoid.

Despite that Danny asked me to join the Bexleyheath Group.

That led me to an announcement about a Foodbank and as you might expect, Danny is well into Foodbanks and lends them whatever support he can. The organisers’ latest efforts are directed towards equipping themselves with a van. To this end there is a fund raising web page which is looking to raise £2,000.

It will be a pittance to some people and would probably not even scratch the surface of the funds available to a political party, but when did they ever help anyone?

It’s early days for the Foodbank Appeal but so far it has not been doing too well. Perhaps you can help out?

“This van is sponsored by Bexley is Bonkers.” Hmmm.

Click image to go to the donation page.

You don’t have to be mad to be a road planner in Bexley but it will help your promotion prospects if you are
Harrow Manorway Harrow ManorwayI simply do not understand the mentality of the people who design road markings like these. We have a light controlled pedestrian crossing where you might expect a cyclist to carry on regardless, whether the lights be red or green.

No one likes that so Bexley Council has come up with an innovative wheeze. Cyclists are directed up on to the pavement away from the crossing where they can scatter any waiting pedestrians and then join the traffic flow a few yards further on - very probably without a backward glance.

Harrow Manorway for those who are not familiar with the area.

The Tweedle Brothers are at it again
TweedledumThey want it all ways and are stupid enough to think we will fall for it.

Outnumbered as they are 35 to 10, the Labour Group in Bexley has zero chance of getting a budget proposal accepted which may or may not be a good reason for not expending a great deal of effort in putting their ideas forward.

The consequence is that Bexley Tories constantly take the proverbial out of them which they would probably claim is part of the cut and thrust of politics, but do they have to constantly lie about it?

In recent days their Tweets suggest that when Labour does come up with an idea they are promptly gagged - by whom they fail to say. Then they follow up with the claim that Labour produce so many expensive ideas that they would cost another 5% on Council Tax, neatly avoiding the fact that the law would not allow them to raise taxes that high.

Tweet Tweet
Neither Tweet is truthful, it is rare for any Bexley Tory Tweet to be other than a lie, and they frequently contradict what is actually said in Council meetings. The liars rely on the fact that almost no one attends Council meetings and they won’t be caught out.

However here is a week old audio clip of Cabinet Member Peter Craske complaining that Bexley Labour were silent when he asked for budget ideas.

Cabinet Member Craske complains that Labour Councillors remain silent. One of many examples.

Bent cops (is there any other sort?)

I wrote to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to complain that Kent Police were refusing to tell me what they had done after confirming that my allegation of crime against former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill had been referred to the appropriate department. They replied to say they could not compel the police to investigate any crime.

TweetI wrote back to say the issue was not that they had refused to investigate but that they were refusing to update me on progress on the grounds that I was not the victim of Maxine’s criminal intent.

The IOPC said they could not compel the police to reply to letters, they exist only to investigate “misconduct” by police, so they leave me with no choice.

A letter will have to be sent alleging that the Chief Constable of Kent is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. I am one of five people who have made criminal allegations against Maxine Fothergill and Kent Police has ignored every single one of them. But they had formerly arrested three of the complainants on Fothergill’s say so. No case to answer obviously.

All the correspondence relating to the allegation that Maxine Fothergill committed a crime is available here.

Note:I should have said “some Councillors” in the Tweet that referred to Sunday's episode of Endeavour in which the Councillor was definitely bent and so were the most senior CID officers who set about killing the honest ones but were thwarted by Traffic Division.

Bulb Energy
BulbRemember I said that three people had taken the £100 incentive to take energy from Bulb, giving me £300 at the same time? I got the confirmation emails OK but Bulb has credited someone else entirely. A software glitch they say. The same happened last July and they promised me it was fixed.

P.S. I have just received an email which says the error cannot be corrected but I will be given a credit next month. That’s £900 dished out; no wonder your energy bills are so high. Or is that down to Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act?


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