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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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3 March (Part 1) - Four offences in one. OV58 DZU

The weekly Parkrun in Lesnes Abbey Park is very popular and takes up a good deal of the available parking space. It’s not a problem, even on this wet and miserable morning there are spaces available within 100 yards of the park entrance.

Bad parking Bad parking Bad parkingHowever some people are not prepared to walk anywhere and do not care about the dangerous situations they create.

The driver of this car has committed four offences. Parking too close to a junction, parking over a dropped kerb, parking on a double yellow line and parking on the footpath.

It was there when I went out shopping this morning. It was there when I returned. It was still there after getting home and returning to the scene of the crime with my camera.

Drivers like this must have serious intellectual deficiencies and really shouldn’t be in charge of a potentially lethal weapon.

If Bexley Council still had a phone number to report illegally parked cars I would have used it but the rigmarole of uploading photos to their website is just too much.

In any case when I did do it they took three days to show up. For the record, no PCNs were issued in Carrill Way last year despite poor parking obstructing it nearly every day, occasionally more than 50 centimetres from the kerb.

If anyone recognises this car perhaps they could give the driver some friendly words of advice.

Note: Before someone picks me up on my spelling of Carrill Way (see sign); it varies depending on which street name sign you look at.


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