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30 June (Part 1) - Councillor Philip Read, flying the Kate Bush Kite again

You have to feel sorry for Councillor Philip Read; he is the last remaining Dinosaur on Bexley Council and his style has been severely cramped by the ban on Councillors insulting residents. He is no longer able to insult me very directly on Social Media which is a shame. How many times do I have to tell him that I will not be complaining about him? Every village needs its idiot so why can’t he just carry on as usual? Maybe he thinks someone else will complain on my behalf but surely Bexley Council is sufficiently corrupt to organise a cover-up? It’s what they did last time.

The sad old resident of Northumberland Heath had to be content with this poor effort four days ago. As of this morning it had earned him not a single Like.

TweetWhat is he going on about?  The Bexley Conservatives’ Tweet links through to their own website where you can see that the referenced report is not new at all. It is dated 3rd January and on a click bait site that has no more credulity than does Bonkers, maybe less.

It was set up less than a year ago, not to provide news, but to provide an advertising revenue stream and does nothing other than regurgitate the work of proper journalists interspersed with the occasional video pulled from Twitter and the like.

Be aware that one careless click will send you to an advert or data collection point that you would be better off avoiding.

The report that Read is so proud of lists ten things that makes Bexley “a brilliant place to live”.

Among them is that…

• The Clock Tower is a popular meeting point (omitting the bit about unruly school children).
• It is home to the Red House - a lucky quirk of history.
• It has a sports centre at Crook Log. (Why does Bexley Council sometimes call it Crook Log? Which is right?)
• Kate Bush was born here.
• You can buy nice sausage rolls at Ayre’s Bakery in Sidcup. (Google says their Head Office is in Eltham but never mind.)
• More Bexley residents choose to buy green energy than in any other London borough.
• Danson Park Fair (where a private company took it on after Bexley Council concocted a load of half truths to excuse their cancellation decision).
• It was rumoured that a large wild cat roamed Bexley’s streets twelve years ago.
• Bexley has more than 100 parks. (You may see a list of Bexley parks here and may notice that most of them are not what the average person would call a park.)

Which leaves just one. Bexley residents report fewer crimes than in most other places. Perhaps they have just given up.

To go back to Read, surely the original ‘Man with the Child in His Eyes’, just what is the half-wit going on about? No one is complaining about the list of unimportant items from an unimportant source, only that Bexley Conservatives are dishonest and Tweet nonsense designed to deceive those who haven’t got the time to check out every last piece of their BS.

But it is a lot better than Newham. Read can quote me on that if he likes.


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