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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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28 June - New in SE2

There could have been several little items reported today but events in East Ham took over. The evening carer called an ambulance because of severe back pain and difficulty moving and the crew took the 99 year old to the East End meat processing plant otherwise known as Newham University Hospital. There were suggestions that the pain was caused by a rib broken in what was believed to be a minor fall on 18th June. I didn’t hear about it until 11 p.m. yesterday because I was at a pub quiz where the rules on mobile phones are rather strict.

I expected an early morning discharge as happened after the fall ten days ago but there was silence. A phone call was met with the response that the old lady was to be admitted but they were unable to give a reason.

An afternoon wasted at the hospital provided no more information except the medical notes lying at the foot of the bed told me that three separate X-rays had all shown no fractures. She now lies in an A&E waiting room waiting for a bed to become available in Silvertown ward. A nurse cheerfully told me that the last occupant of the same bed was a one hundred year old woman who waited in it for four days.

On eight of the past eleven days I have spent half a day in East Ham, I shall be glad of the rest while Newham Hospital does its worst.

Meanwhile, what is new in SE2?

Tomorrow sees the fourth street market in Wilton Road sponsored, if that is the right word, by the local Traders’ Association but in reality organised and run by Chris and Cat of CC EVents UK who seem to have cornered the market in local events. Last March the market was blown away, literally in the case of some stall holders, by gale force winds. It looks as though we will be spared that tomorrow and if the Wilton Road market continues to be a success it will become bi-monthly next year.

By a marvellous coincidence the event coincides with the reopening of the Abbey Arms public house. You will have to look elsewhere for reviews of that, neither the barley in the beer or the wheat in their speciality pizzas are going to do my gluten intolerance a lot of good.


The fourth Wilton Road market.


The Abbey Arms just four hours before opening time.


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