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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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22 June (Part 3) - Fun and games in Newham

The decision was taken reluctantly (for obvious privacy reasons), but I installed CCTV in the old lady’s bedroom last Sunday. On Tuesday evening it proved its worth.

TweetI looked in at 21:55 expecting to see her in bed asleep but she was nowhere to be seen. I looked at the front door camera and there was a police officer trying to get in. I made arrangements to get him a key and he later told me he had called an ambulance at 21:50.

My aunt was bleeding from the head and had called 999 herself. Impressive!

I drove to East Ham and my aunt was so uncomfortable on the floor that the police took a chance and lifted her into a chair. The ambulance eventually arrived at 02:15. Meanwhile I had tried to make the patient comfortable in bed but the pillow was soon covered in blood.

An ambulance man showed me a rather nasty cut an inch inside the hairline at the back of her head. It had to be ‘glued’ in hospital. There was also a lump and several grazes on her back.

Newham hospital phoned me at 08:30 Wednesday and we agreed that mid-day would be a good time to accept her home. The CCTV revealed her being delivered to an empty house at 09:00.

A conversation with the GP the next day revealed that the hospital had prescribed some pills to address the likely cause of the balance problem. They had handed them to a demented 99 year old with instructions to take two a day. If there was any sense at all in that cowboy outfit they would have told me.

What sort of idiots do we employ in the NHS these days? Because of their incompetence the medication was commenced more than 24 hours later than it should have been.

This morning the same camera showed her on the floor again, a neighbour called an ambulance and I shot over there on the train. Fortunately no harm done but her back still hurts from Tuesday and so does the bed sore that Newham Hopital sent her home with two months ago.

A District Nurse attends to it twice a week but so far ineffectively. Another expense occasioned by Newham Hospital’s desire to kill off the elderly as quickly as they can.

Right now the old girl is wandering around the house without the Zimmer. Stubborn as a mule. Anyone got a straight jacket?

Incidentally neither Newham University Hospital nor the General Medical Council has answered my two month old complaints. Acknowledged but no answers.

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