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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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22 June (Part 2) - I simply do not understand politicians

TweetAt a time when politicians, MPs in particular, are under constant threat. When the abuse suffered by my own brings tears to my eyes and one of Bexley’s Councillors endures living in a house festooned with security measures we fortunately have one who does his best within a matter of seconds to prevent what might have been a tragedy while his colleagues all look like the proverbial rabbit caught in headlights.

And one of Bexley’s own Councillors calls him vile.

The only response has to be Stephen Timms MP and Jo Cox MP, both knifed by mad terrorists, one a woman.

The Lord Mayor of London’s residence had been invaded, a trespasser rushed towards the top table and was frog marched out, propelled from the neck.

Where else was Mark Field to ‘grab’ her? It’s not exactly doing a President Trump is it?

Totally unjustifiable allegation against Mark Field too.

Disgusted of Belvedere.

(I went to a grand Mansion House dinner once. It was a long time ago and I felt a bit like a spare part among all the dignitaries. You don’t want to hear about that do you? Thought not.)


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