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News and Comment June 2019

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8 June - The Riverside Energy Park

Bexley Labour Group has been busy producing Press Releases this week. First revealing that the Conservatives had not bothered to attend any of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee meetings over the past year, then arguing that Bexley’s installation of electric car charging points is going to annoy a lot of people because too high a proportion of car parking spaces will be lost from small shopping areas. (†)

Then yesterday they issued one about the plans to massively expand the Cory incinerator in Belvedere. Cory Environmental made a presentation to Bexley Council last October but didn’t bother to hand out copies to the handful of members of the public in attendance so they have only themselves to blame if their case cannot be made more enthusiastically here.

Things in favour of it are 900,000 megawatts of ‘free’ electricity. Cheap district heating and 655,000 tonnes of rubbish that does not go into landfill.

The other side of the equation is that a quarter of those 655,000 tonnes will arrive by road, it will do nothing to improve air quality and it is right next door to a nature reserve. Three MPs have submitted their concerns to various hearings.

The Government Inspector’s web page is here.

† I am a member of a few electric vehicle owners’ discussion forums. I mentioned Bexley’s plans for 13 dual headed trickle chargers and the consequent loss of parking spaces on one of those forums. The unanimous verdict was that the loss of a high proportion of parking spaces does indeed outweigh the small advantage of a couple of not very useful charging points.


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