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Bonkers Blog July 2019

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16 July - Pushing their luck

Stupid cop Stupid womanMet. Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has been roundly condemned by everyone from the Prime Minister, through the Tory leadership contenders Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt down to every tin pot journalist for attempting to dictate what newspapers publish.

Former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill thinks she can do the same.

Four months ago I decided to remove the old Bonkers pages which detailed the worst excesses of Bexley Councillors in recognition of the fact that they appear to have made an effort to clean up their act, an act which was at one time undoubtedly criminal. The job took quite some time and wasn’t completed until May. I mentioned the revisions here soon afterwards. No one commented which was a bit disappointing.

Former Councillors Massey and Fothergill benefited from that decision because they were, err, former Councillors. Has beens unable to sully Bexley Council any more.

Soon after the revisions were made I received a twelve page letter from Essex solicitors Cohen Davis warning me, I think, that if I published (republished?) details of Ms. Fothergill’s various misdemeanours they would sue me. For what? I confess I am not really sure because I only looked at the opening paragraph and another towards the end. However it seems that among other things Fothergill is looking to me for reimbursing her the costs of attempting to restore her tattered reputation and of her failed attempt to get me banged up for publishing news.

For newcomers to Bonkers, I had published how Bexley Council had found that Fothergill was likely to have brought them into disrepute because of her financial antics, how she ran foul of Sevenoaks Council for flouting planning law and had to apologise in the High Court and pay out a substantial sum to recompense her libelling of two business associates. All matters of public record that Fothergill would rather you didn’t know about.

Was she seriously going to take me to Court and have all those things brought out into the open again? The Independent Councillor for Fawkham & West Kingsdown on Sevenoaks Council must be as mad as the proverbial brush. She should count herself lucky that I’d decided to wipe various slates clean.
Just stupid


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