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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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8 January - A tangled web

I shouldn’t be surprised that the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent is no stranger to Bexley-is-Bonkers given his political connections with Bexley Council and maybe that is why his Chief Executive has written to me.


He doesn’t like my letter to the Chief Constable of Kent in which I complain that he has not responded to an allegation of crime I made nearly ten months ago. Not a word has been received from the Chief Constable, not to the original complaint (apart from a grudging acknowledgement when chased for one), not to the December 2018 reminder either but at least the Crime Commissioner knows something about it now.

The PCC’s complaint is that I have been making “groundless allegations” to the effect that Kent Police are acting under their instructions. Why would they come to that conclusion from an expression of concern? Is the PCC’s Chief Executive always so careless in his choice of words?

If he really thought I made an unfounded allegation would he not have at the very least asked for it to be removed? A reasonable person might have written that he was concerned that some people might misinterpret my public comment and request a revision or explanatory note but in my experience such people rarely consider that other people might be more conciliatory and cooperative than they are. To allay the Chief Executive’s fears I have added an addendum to the blog although he hasn’t requested one.

This is what my letter to the Chief Constable of Kent said…


Of course I am concerned that a politician may seek to influence the police, it happens all the time. Here in Bexley it has happened many times.

TimesA Bexley Detective Sergeant told Elwyn Bryant and me that one of their investigations was “crippled by political interference”. The defence papers in the case where another Bexley blogger was prosecuted for using the C word on Twitter makes a direct reference to senior Bexley Councillors asking the police to silence Bonkers.

The final report from the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards on the Craske obscenities complaint makes reference to the political interference into police investigations in Bexley and I have a copy of a letter between the police and Bexley Council which pretty much proves that political interference in police investigations is a fact of life - or at least it was.

The Times newspaper last Saturday reported how Sandwell Council seeks to influence the police; why would I not be concerned that the same may happen in Kent?

It is at times like this that I fervently wish I could reveal a little of what has been happening with the Daniel Morgan review panel. For those who don’t know, I have family connections with Daniel Morgan, a private investigator who was seriously concerned about the corruption - drugs, robberies, fit ups etc. perpetrated by the Metropolitan Police. If you don’t know about it Google ‘Daniel Morgan Untold Murder’. Read the books, listen to the podcasts, one of them entirely sponsored by me.

It became known that Daniel was about to spill the beans and the Met Police retaliated by organising his murder. There is no doubt about it and if the enquiry ever concludes - scheduled to take one year, now well into its sixth - everyone will know just how corrupt the Metropolitan Police was and still is.

The corruption has run right up to Met. Commissioner level and into other police forces too all of it aided by a succession of gullible Home Secretaries who believed their stories. Until Mrs. May came along that is and looked into things. Shortly afterwards she made that somewhat notorious address to the Police Federation. I have often wondered if there was a connection with what she had learned of the Daniel Morgan case but I genuinely do not know.

However I would be amazed if she did not have a pretty good idea of how corrupt senior police officers can be.

If the Daniel Morgan report is ever brought to public attention it should help to destroy what remains of the Metropolitan Police's reputation, not that that is a good thing but they will have brought it upon themselves. They already admit it is the biggest police corruption scandal ever.

And why did I start that paragraph with an If? It is because the media is inextricably mired in the same corruption. The Panel’s report might not hit every paper’s front page.

Note: As Mick Barnbrook (@sleazebuster) has discovered, commenting on the police is a wonderful way of increasing web visitors and Twitter followers. Maybe I should do it more often.


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