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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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3 January (Part 1) - Friends and foes

On 1st January Bonkers started the year with a blog which could be interpreted as being pro-Conservative and on the second was somewhat critical of Labour politicians. I like to do that when I can because it may demonstrate that BiB is not a branch of the Labour party. Such blogs do of course run the risk of upsetting local Labourites but that is just tough, reporting what I believe to be the truth has to come first.

TweedledumIn practice nothing changes. Yesterday I exchanged messages with two of Bexley’s eleven Labour Councillors. They were related to the two January blogs but neither took issue with the position I had adopted, experience has shown that they are bigger than that. Not so their Tory counterparts Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee who run the Bexley Conservatives’ Twitter account. They returned to their regular theme of referring to me as a Labour supporter who has said something particularly silly.

A month ago they claimed I said that Crossrail has sounded the death knell for Abbey Wood when the truth was that I said it had sounded the death knell for Abbey Wood as we used to know it and went on to say what a good thing it was.

TweetYesterday @bexleynews was at it again.

Unlike readers I can easily conduct searches of the entire website so I looked for occurrences of the word dim and found it 16 times, exactly half of them since the decision was taken to replace the sodium lights with LED.

Only three such uses of the word referred to the new lighting. The first related how when first driving home after LED installation I found my own road looked dimmer than before and how I struggled to find the keyhole in my own front door. My camera told me that the LEDs were only half as bright as those that went before.

The next use of the word dim was four months later when I made a reference to my initial reaction being that the lamps looked dim but twice said I was in favour of the changeover and that I have grown to like them.

The third and last time that the LED lights were labelled dim was when it was reported that Bexley Council itself admitted they were dim.

An email from Bexley Council signed off by Josephine Hollier - yes there is a connection with the temporary Monitoring Officer - made it very clear that the LEDs are dim when compared with sodium lighting. Only 8,800 Lumens instead of 18,000. There can be no arguing with that. The LED lighting is comparatively dim despite Bexley Councillors claiming they are brighter.

But that is not what Tweedle Dum and his brother are saying. Their claim is that their favourite Labour supporter said “reducing Council running costs was a dim idea”. As usual they are lying because they know no other form of existence.

Nowhere has Bonkers said that LED lighting is a dim idea, I even paid extra to have them fitted on the new motor; the only objection has been to Councillors making false claims about them.

Incidentally, until 1964 there was a street lamp exactly like the one shown here right outside my house and throughout all the neighbouring streets. A man came around on a bike carrying a ladder to switch them on each evening and presumably off in the morning although I do not remember that.

I must be getting very old. A few years beforehand some of my school mates still had acetylene lamps on their bikes. (Google it.)


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