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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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27 February - Nearly there

Bexley Council did not meet its latest target for fully reopening the Harrow Manorway flyover but it did get close. At eight o’clock this morning the footpath barriers were being removed. By one o’clock the pedestrian crossing lights were uncovered and showing green.

By four thirty the barriers had almost entirely gone, the northbound temporary bus stop was moved to be alongside the new barely adequate shelter - just wait until it rains - but the traffic lights have been covered up again.

There are four polythene wrapped waste bins at strategic points. It’s undeniably progress but we are not there yet.
Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway

There are a lot more pictures here.

The job was due to be completed in June but at least it was more or less completed in June like weather.


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