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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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25 February (Part 1) - Will he or won’t he?

CraskeWho and what?

Will Councillor Peter Craske be a proper Conservative and go for a three week non-recyclables collection at this evening’s Cabinet meeting and prevent Council Tax rising by an extra 1%?

I am trying not to be completely biased here because personally the only thing I might not like about such a system is remembering which day the collection is due. Being a singleton my green bin never gets full except when a neighbour borrows it.

Most likely Councillor Craske will not be popular if he grasps that particular nettle but he must be well used to it by now and I for one am fed up with Conservatives whose first reaction to every problem is to raise taxes. Because we have so many lily-livered Tories in government the total tax take in the country is higher than it has ever been before.

And back to recycling, the rate in Bexley has been stuck around the 50% mark for several years and a bold initiative is needed to bump start it. Craske’s assertion that 50% of what goes in the green bin is recyclable - assuming it is true, you can never be sure with that man - has to be addressed and carrying on as we are now is no way to tackle it.

There will be cries of more fly-tipping and that may well happen but policies should not revolve around pandering to criminals. My nearest recycling points right now are contaminated by mindless individuals who may or may not be my neighbours.

The paper bin is full of furniture and plastic, the glass bin contains quite a lot of scrap metal and the plastics bin is full of cardboard.

Bexley Council did all the right things when it reorganised recycling back in 20 whatever it was and it needs to be visionary now and force the reluctant recyclers to #doitforbexley.

A very quick fire rant I am afraid, I have to be in East Ham again this afternoon, back in QEH later after they messed up my Friday appointment and I will be lucky to scrape into the Council Chamber for 19:30.

Councillor Craske; be bold.


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