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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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22 February - Place your bets now

Harrow Manorway Rarely has a week gone by over the past three months when some Council source or other hasn’t put forward a date for the completion of the Harrow Manorway flyover.

FM Conway moved in on 1st March 2017 and expected to complete the job in about 15 months. Things did not go according to plan. Network Rail were slow to give access to the new station and the bridge wasn’t in as good condition as some had hoped. Now that a whole two years have gone by surely we must be on the brink of a grand reopening?

One would think so and this week’s message from within Bexley’s Ivory Towers is the first to exchange vagaries like mid-December or early January with a real date. That is a day of the week with a number attached.

Are you ready for this?

The announcement is that next Wednesday 27th February is pencilled in for the new pedestrian crossing to be powered up and the two new bus stops to be brought into use.

The nearest betting shop is in Wilton Road.

Harrow Manorway

There is no sign of a next bus departure display. That might be asking just a little too much. Are there any at all in the Bexley part of Abbey Wood?


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