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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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15 February (Part 1) - Tory lies destroyed

TweedledumThey said it again yesterday. What? That I am a Labour Party supporter. Who and where? Tweedledum and Tweedledee on Twitter of course.

If I am a Labour supporter then they are fully paid up members of The Raving Loony Party - on second thoughts, perhaps they are.

I have said it before and I will say it again that the only time I have voted Labour is at local elections when the candidate had become a personal friend and I didn’t want to stand in front of either of them and lie that I had voted for them.

The two pictured here wouldn’t have any such scruples, they lie all the time.

Here’s a selection of ‘Labour supporting’ things that have appeared on Bonkers in recent months.

• Sadiq Khan is an intellectual pygmy intent on wrecking London - 2nd February 2019
• …more parking spaces than the useless Sadiq Khan allows - 2nd January 2019
• Sadiq Khan has already proved himself to be very happy to spend our money and while he is in office things can only get worse - 28th November 2018
• Criticising Mayor Khan is such an easy target - 8th November 2018
• Corbyn and Co. are a bunch of Commies - 30th September 2018
• After a loud bang was heard in the Civic Offices : Was it the sound of Sadiq Khan being taken outside and shot for being the worst Mayor of any city anywhere? - 7th July 2018
• We are not all silly enough to believe Corbyn would make a good Prime Minister or Khan makes a good London Mayor - 4th May 2018
• Bexley Labour Party’s Retweet endorsing Jeremy Corbyn’s free bus travel for under 25s wheeze must be mad - 13th April 2018
• In my humble opinion Sadiq Khan is possibly the biggest (or should that be smallest?) idiot to ever be elected to high office - 8th March 2018

But I am a Labour supporter!

TweetIn yesterday’s edition of the Clueless Cretin’s Compendium of Crass Comments I am accused of saying that the £3·8 million investment in Lesnes Abbey (plus a 10% contribution from Bexley Council) would result in its “destruction”.

Nothing but lies.

The word destruction was used twice.

In December 2014 Bonkers ran a feature entitled ‘Destruction Centre’ which was about the demolition of the old Council building at Hill View in the middle of the borough and going for an alliterative sequence referred to the demolition of the old visitor Centre at Lesnes Abbey as Destruction North.

The ‘D’ word was used again when vandals destroyed the Lottery Fund sign and at the same time Bonkers commented on the fact that back in November 2015 I had yet to find anyone with a good word to say about the work seen up to that time.

And that’s it. The word destruction was not used again in connection with Lesnes Abbey and criticism was reserved for the two year delay to completion, and even then excuses were offered up.

Is poor quality lying the only thing that Bexley’s second rate politicians can find to do with their time?

Keeping a log of four and five year old Bonkers’ blogs can only be a brainless obsession. Funny they never actually find any factual errors.

Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes


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