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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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14 February (Part 3) - All forgiven?

Hugh Neal (Arthur Pewty’s Maggot Sandwich) reported to me earlier this evening that the Bookstore restaurant at the newly opened former Carnegie Library in Erith proved to be a resounding success attracting more than 60 customers to breakfast and lunch. Comments were very positive and he was looking forward to more people gathering at the bar later on.

A quick look at his photos suggest he has been forgiven for the following comment - for which I was threatened with arrest by Bexley Police who came under pressure from Teresa O’Neill to not bother too much with the evidence.
Flaming torches
The police later told me that I, not Hugh, had been accused by O’Neill of violence - with a pitchfork - and arson - with a flaming torch.

Hugh added the word metaphorically later because, I assume, he realised that the Council Leader’s cohorts were not only “scheming” but also lacking in literary knowledge. Read and Co.

Councillors Phillip Read and Nicola Taylor. Sarah Batten (the power behind the restoration) and Hugh Neal (blogger).


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