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Bonkers Blog December 2019

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7 December (Part 3) - Abena is supported by Sadiq. Is that an election winner in Abbey Wood?

CampaigningThanks to former Councillor John Husband trudging the bin littered streets of Belvedere this afternoon I now have leaflets from four of the six General Election candidates in Erith and Thamesmead. Abena Oppong-Asare for Labour is the only one of the four to splash out on an A3 sized double sided leaflet but failed to find room on it to mention either Brexit or Jeremy Corbyn. Who can blame her but by the same logic one might have thought she would keep Sadiq Khan at arm’s length too.

Not one of the dozen photos of him that have cluttered up Social Media today (he joined Abena’s campaign) were taken outside Abbey Wood’s Crossrail station. All the candidates short and long listed were anxious to be photographed on the station concourse but not the Mayor of London. I wonder why.

It’s not a bad leaflet overall, better public transport, more houses, more police, tackling climate change, against privatisation of the NHS, it could almost be a Tory leaflet except there is not a word about paying for it all.

Abena even manages to get an endorsement from her illustrious predecessor Teresa Pearce. Maybe it is just me and my conspiracy theories but it seems to read more like a catalogue of facts rather than a a ringing endorsement.

I had better shut up, I may need Abena one day if Bexley Council ever produces another Maxine Fothergill.

I have also received a copy of the personal letter referenced on 3rd December.


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