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News and Comment December 2019

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4 December (Part 1) - Has Singh moved in?

Leather Bottle site Leather Bottle siteIf you are familiar with the history of the Leather Bottle site you will need no explanatory introduction and if you are not aware of it you are probably uninterested in this recent development.

The site which has had two planning applications rejected so far has been an eyesore for the past three years but that hasn’t deterred someone from moving in to live there. Probably not travellers in the accepted sense, the ratio of caravans to Transit vans is a little too low.

More likely to be one of Kulvinder Singh’s work mates if I had to guess.

If you do wish to catch up with the history of Ye Olde Leather Bottle a list of related blogs may be seen here.

Registration numbers visible in original photographs are White Fiat Ducato WR55 BYM, White Mercedes RJ04 WTU, White Transit EJ54 HCF, Red Transit LJ06 PVU, Peugeot Boxer Van number partially obscured by fence in Photo 2 but Photo 1 suggests VK05 LYU and Trafic caravanette L115 MSO. Which of these will be legal?


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