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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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19 April - Councillor Hackett sees Red?

There were several interesting bits and pieces discussed at last Wednesday’s Full Council and two resulted in Press Releases from disgruntled Councillors.

First was the Labour Group’s motion on co-operation with a voluntary group called Red Box which aims to provide free sanitary products to young school girls. As usual the Conservatives were determined not to allow Labour to take credit for anything that looks like a good idea so they modified the Motion quite considerably and approved their own alternative proposals leaving Labour high and dry and more than a little upset about it. The Conservative Motion involves a delayed start date and doesn’t mention Red Box. Labour’s Press Release is here.

The other thing that resulted in a Press Release was the Conservative and Labour determination to kick Independent Councillor Danny Hackett off committees. Standing up against anti-Semitism and Jeremy Corbyn’s inability to deal with it must be punished. One can understand the Labour Group contriving to punish Danny as much as possible but the Conservatives too?

Their election manifesto last year was strong on the slogan ‘Hard Left or Just Right’ but when they have the opportunity to welcome the demise of the Left they back them to the hilt and seek to deprive the people of Thamesmead East of Committee representation.

Councillor Hackett wasn’t happy and put out this Press Release.
Press Release
Note: There will be a full report on both subjects at some time during the weekend but meanwhile daily trips to Newham are taking their toll on time. Things could be going better there.


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