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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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15 April - The good, the bad and the bespectacled in Sevenoaks

CanvassersYesterday’s news about the Independent candidate standing for election to Sevenoaks District Council provoked a variety of comment. I was relieved to hear via Twitter that I had not unintentionally upset Anna Firth, Sevenoaks Council’s Cabinet Member for Legal and Democratic Services and General Election Candidate here in Bexley in 2015.

There was an interest in spreading the news of the candidate’s record in Bexley and her various encounters with authority, something that I confess had passed my mind too. I'd love to see a copy of her election address. Anyone got one?

One email suggested ensuring that Google searches revealed the truth but Bonkers already comes up before on Google searches for Maxine Fothergill.

Although the absolutely useless and most probably corrupt Kent Police accepted Ms. Fothergill’s signed statement that she was found Not Guilty of breaching Bexley Council’s Code of Conduct and charged me with harassment, in part, for reporting that she was, the truth is still freely available on Bexley’s website.

A summary of her encounter with Sevenoaks Council over breaches of planning law are indexed here and of course the documents relating to the infamous High Court appearance are all on line too.

Spreading the word further will be a question of someone with time on their hands following appropriate Face Book Groups and Twitter accounts.

My favourite email response was this one, anonymous but maybe some mischievous Councillor.

Fothergill is not interested in getting elected the only reason she is standing is, that as a candidate she gets an official copy of the electoral roll which will enable her to find all the lonely old ladies and help them get into a home.

Note: There may be an interruption to blogging, the Old Lady of Newham has broken her leg.


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