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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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4 April - Cabinet Member for Children. Sounds about right

ReadWith a full timetable for the day ahead a blog looked unlikely but fortunately the Cabinet Member for Childish Activities, Philip Read rode to the rescue shortly after midnight with another of his juvenile Tweets. And about time too, it’s more than a month since the last one.

If his party leader Theresa May had not already done so I would be inclined to think that Councillor Read is on a mission to destroy the Conservative Party’s reputation but maybe it is only his own.

To think that we have people like him in charge of one of Bexley’s biggest budgets. To think we have a woman like May in charge of the whole country, with the help of a Marxist of course!

Read’s midnight Tweet deserves a full width image don’t you think?

For the record the names of the authors of @bexleynews came to me from one of Read’s colleagues in a Twitter Direct Message. Doesn’t mean to say it is true of course, probably they all lie.


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