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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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3 April (Part 2) - Useless cops. Corrupt cops. Murderous cops

With Bexley Council appearing to be a lot less Bonkers than it once was, it is possible that the emphasis here will shift inexorably to that bastion of incompetence, dishonesty and corruption, the British police force.

The Times newspaper carried an article yesterday about how the police do not usually investigate fraud. It is estimated that a third of all crimes are fraud but the police look for easier pickings, like naughty words on the internet. A Bexley resident was prosecuted for using the C word on Twitter  (conviction overturned on appeal) and the internet is still offered as an excuse locally for not always investigating more traditional crimes.

Action Fraud ditches most of the reports it receives but passes the most blatant fraud cases to the police who ignore more than 95% of them.

Fraud is a problem everywhere and I was horrified when a friend in Welling nearly fell for a scam identical to the one reported below. He was saved only when about to hand over his cash in a Welling bank and the ‘police officer’ was not prepared to provide him with a properly documented receipt.
The Times
I had a long chat with my daughter’s partner Alastair Morgan today, his brother was murdered with police involvement in 1987 for attempting to shop them for their burglaries, fit ups and drug running.

I can’t tell you in any detail what he said for obvious reasons but let’s just say he has absolutely positive evidence that the Met. Police is corrupt, County Forces are corrupt, all the predecessors of the Independent Office for Police Conduct have been thoroughly corrupt and the police are happy to pursue and even murder their colleagues who show signs of rocking their boat. Even the current Commissioner got a dishonourable mention.

Alastair remains hopeful that everything he and the Home Office have discovered about his brother’s murder and the ensuing cover up will be released into the public domain within the next twelve months.


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