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Bonkers Blog September 2018

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30 September - Sally in our alley

Ha ha! I have been accused of being a Labour supporter, if only my accuser could have been a fly on the wall yesterday at a family gathering, all former Labourites except me. I said that Corbyn and Co. were a bunch of Commies and I was told that they were far worse than that and their support for his party had gone for all time.

In Labour’s pocket? I liked your latest blog on Wilton road and agreed with the comments you made… however, I was disappointed when you once again failed to attack Bexley Labour too… Sally Hinkley was posing for the photo… you didn’t mention her once.

That’s true, I spotted Sally along with two Labour Councillors from Greenwich in the photo but what was there to be said about it? Wilton Road is Sally's ward and if she had not shown up the Tories would have been Tweeting about it for ever more.

In any case I had spoken to Sally (my own ward Councillor) about the event earlier in the day and detected nothing in that conversation to merit criticism.

Whilst I most likely stray occasionally, I like to think that Bonkers’ role is to expose Council dishonesty and hypocrisy and it just so happens that pretty much all of it comes from the Conservatives.

Sally in our Alley.


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